How did the Katahdin Collaborative begin?

The Katahdin region has many economic development and community improvement groups.
Some have been around a long time, and some are relatively new.

Groups such as the Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce, Northern Timber Cruisers, and the Katahdin Tourism Partnership, as well as emerging groups such as Our Katahdin, Katahdin Revitalization, and the Katahdin Area Citizens Group, have been working really hard to make the region stronger.

With so many groups all doing their own thing, some local leaders thought it would make sense if representatives from these groups could get together a few times a year to share what they are working on and to see if there were things they might be able to join forces on. In December of 2015, these groups took that advice and met together. And that’s where the Katahdin Collaborative was born.  The Katahdin Collaborative informally organized and very soon the groups realized there were a lot of projects and areas where working together made sense. The old adage, Many Hands Make Light Work comes to mind. Certainly, the tasks at hand are not light work in the slightest, so working together is crucial.

Recently, the Elmina B. Sewall Foundation awarded the group a one-year grant to work together and “map out” a way forward for the region. So the group, along with the Nature Conservancy is working on a Visioning Process.

We are calling the Visioning Process project “The Katahdin Gazetteer”.  For the Katahdin Gazetteer to work, we really need input and participation from people who live here in the Katahdin Region! You are the most important part of the plan! The Katahdin Gazetteer will explore different possible outcomes for the Katahdin Region.