Age Friendly Be a place that supports & attracts people of all ages.

We want all people to enjoy the Katahdin region from birth to the end of their lives with services, supports, and infrastructure that meet the needs of each of life’s stages. We will be open and receptive to new people, new cultures, and new experiences.

  • Support and meet the unique needs of young people.
  • Make it easier and friendlier for families in the region.
  • Support people as they get older and their needs change.
  • Expand availability and access to healthy, local food.
  • Develop and promote resources for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Build spaces that meet the needs of people of all ages

In order for any community to thrive it needs to be a place where people of all ages want to be, can afford to be, have the support around them they need, and can see opportunities for themselves into the future. Fostering vibrant villages and cultivating local jobs are key components of making the region attractive to people. The actions you’ll read here build upon those big ideas.

Some efforts are already underway and other relatively easy opportunities have been identified to begin meeting the needs of people in the Katahdin region. Seizing those opportunities as well as tackling the more complicated issues in front of us can be successful if interest and involvement by neighbors across the region grows.

Check out our Age Friendly Team page!

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