Cultivate Local Jobs Cultivate local jobs & a dynamic regional economy.

We want people to have good jobs and see opportunities to grow diverse, small to medium sized businesses in the Katahdin region. We want a regional economy that both serves those living here in the region, as well as exports to the rest of the state, country, and the world.

  • Bolster key regional organizations that are currently at-risk.
  • Lower barriers to starting and growing small businesses.
  • Strengthen education, training, and outreach.
  • Improve the region’s housing stock.
  • Market within and outside the region.
  • Attract new industry targeted for existing industrial and mill sites

For people to thrive anywhere there has to be a mix of jobs and affordable housing. The Katahdin Region currently has the housing, but not the jobs. While the region was buoyed by the paper industry for a century and able to rely on relatively few employers historically, the future demands that there is mix of employers, ranging in size to meet the needs of our rural communities.

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