Meet Our Community

We are so fortunate to have a thriving community of dedicated leaders, all working towards the betterment of the Katahdin Region. Here, we will highlight some of our outstanding community members and organizations for you to meet.

Our Katahdin: Community Champion

Each quarter, the Community Champion Committee selects a Community Champion based on submitted nominations. These nominations are entered in by community members like you. Do you know someone who could be our next Community Champion? Nominate them here!

This quarter’s Community Champion is Bobbie Allen! Bobbie is the sole volunteer gardener of the beautiful flowerbeds along the Michael Michaud trail in Millinocket. You can volunteer your time or donate items needed by contacting Bobbie at [email protected]  You can also find Bobbie’s Gardens on Facebook here.


Katahdin Collaborative: Spotlight Feature of the Month

Each month, the Katahdin Collaborative highlights one of their very special collaborators. Stay tuned to meet our first feature!

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