The Katahdin Collaborative creates a positive environment to facilitate communication, leverage resources, and foster collaboration among community members, volunteer groups, businesses, non-profit organizations, institutions, and municipalities working toward the revitalization of the Katahdin Region. 

Aspirations of the Katahdin Collaborative: 

  • Increase and enhance connections within and throughout the Region
  • Accomplish work together that none of us can accomplish on our own
  • Share stories 
  • Learn from others 
  • Access regional resources and funding that we could not gain individually 

Geography: The Katahdin region comprises eight towns nestled along the Katahdin Woods and Waters Scenic Byway: Mt. Chase, Patten, Island Falls, Stacyville, Sherman, Medway, East Millinocket, and Millinocket. 

Participation in the Katahdin Collaborative: The Katahdin Collaborative started as an informal roundtable of interested Katahdin-area community, recreation, and economic development groups and individuals that included local government staff. The intent is not to duplicate or replace the unique work of any individual group but to encourage collaboration and leverage resources. Participation is open to a wide range of groups working in the Katahdin region to increase communication and collaborate on the revitalization of the region. 

In the fall of 2019, the Collaborative formalized a structure for governance and how we work together. Collaborators agree to uphold the guiding principles and rules and engage at a level that is sustainable. All meetings are open to the public. 

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Principles: We are working together guided by these principles.

The Katahdin Collaborative is evolving to meet the needs of the community by working collectively to implement actions from the Gazetteer and beyond. The more businesses, organizations, and individuals that join us in this work, the closer we move toward the vision for the Katahdin Region as a robust string of dynamic communities, working and wild land, and crystalline rivers and lakes. Join us as a Collaborator or simply come to one of our public meetings and share your experiences as you learn from others.

Collaborator: The role of Collaborator is to support the efforts of the Collaborative through engagement at a level that meets your needs as you work – along with others – to carry out the community vision laid out in the Katahdin Gazetteer. Collaborators have the ability to vote on Katahdin Collaborative decisions. 

An effective Collaborator will: 

  • Follow the work of the Collaborative and fellow Collaborators
  • Proactively share with the Collaborative and with your own networks
  • Volunteer for Gazetteer projects, when possible
  • Attend quarterly meetings
  • Bring new participants into the network and facilitate connections between network participants 
  • Support collaborations, communications, and networking 
  • Commit to participate
  • Contribute to, endorse, or lead projects and initiatives within the Gazetteer 
  • Sign conflict of interest policy 


  • Voting (1 vote per individual or organization)
  • Use of Katahdin Collaborative logo
  • Listing on Katahdin Collaborative website
  • Access to administrative support for meetings

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