The Katahdin Collaborative facilitates communication and fosters collaboration among volunteer groups, businesses, non-profit institutions, and municipalities working together in the Katahdin Region.

Background: Recent years have seen increased activity among a variety of economic and community development groups in the Katahdin region. These include long-standing groups such as the Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce, Northern Timber Cruisers, and the Katahdin Tourism Partnership as well as emerging groups such as Our Katahdin, Katahdin Revitalization and the Katahdin Area Citizens Group, among others. At the encouragement of local leaders, representatives from these groups met in December 2015 to discuss the potential for collaboration. Thus, the Katahdin Collaborative organized informally and a one-year grant in support of collaborative work was secured from the Elmina B. Sewall Foundation by The Nature Conservancy.

Katahdin Collaborative Overview

Geography: The geographic scope roughly includes the towns between Millinocket and Patten and surrounding rural communities.Participation in the Katahdin Collaborative: The Katahdin Collaborative started as an informal roundtable of interested Katahdin area community and economic development groups including local governments. The intent is not to duplicate or replace the unique work of any individual group but to encourage collaboration and leverage resources. Participation is open to a wide range of groups working in the Katahdin region to increase communication and collaborate on the revitalization of the region. A current and Prospective Participant list is attached. It is a partial list that is in flux and growing so please excuse any errors or omissions as we build it out. All meetings are open to the public.

Meeting frequency & locations: The Katahdin Collaborative will meet quarterly or more frequently as needed to exchange information among the groups and conduct any business that may be needed. Meetings will rotate through the region to encourage participation and a call-in line will be made available when possible.

Staff Support: Provided by Our Katahdin, who will organize and facilitate meetings and periodically communicate activities to the broader communities.