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Outdoor Recreation

Project name: The Katahdin Gear Library


The Katahdin Gear Library is multi-purpose- it keeps gear from going into landfills and provides equitable access to people who want to start participating in outdoor sports. Oftentimes gear costs hundreds of dollars that families or students may not have. The Katahdin Gear Library offers outdoor gear for free.

Project name: All in, Katahdin! - Marketing Brand


Project name: Trout Mountain


For many years, the top of Trout Mountain housed a fire tower that now lays in ruins on the forest floor. In 2020, a refurbished tower was erected on the summit. Standing eighty feet tall, the tower started life in the longleaf pine forests of Alabama and now provides visitors with a stunning view of its new home in the Katahdin region. Please use caution when climbing the tower. Climb at your own risk.


Project name: Toys-for-Tots 2020


MRH is partnering with participants from MobIlize Katahdin including Millinocket Memorial Library, Millinocket Town Office, & EAAA to create a larger scale toy drive this year in the Katahdin Region, The Red Knights Motorcycle Club is also having a Toy Drive too with a “Fill the Fire Truck” theme.

  • Location: Millinocket 04462

Project name: Outdoor Sports Virtual Curriculum


OSI is creating a virtual outdoor sport curriculum with the niche that weaves reflection, play, and mindset into the curriculum. It’s versatile enough to be used to teach Outdoor Sport in public schools, start-up programs, and/or outdoor recreation facilities that may want to diversify their program offerings.

Project name: Katahdin Community Orchard


Katahdin students plant Community Orchard with 115 Fruit Trees

  • Lead Organization: Katahdin Learning Project & Elliotsville Foundation
  • Contact Name: Kala Rush
  • Location: Patten & Mt. Chase 04765
  • Phone: 207-808-0020
  • Email: [email protected]

Project name: Cooking for Crowds Class


UMaine Eat Well Nutrition Education Professional Lisa Fishman led a workshop on how to cook safely for large crowds. The Safe Food Handling workshop was designed for volunteers who received a manual, certificate of attendance, posters, and instant read thermometer. This class meets the Good Shepherd Food Bank food safety training requirements. This class was held at the Island Falls Town Municipal Building on August 6, 2019.

  • Lead Organization: Island Falls Economic Development Committee
  • Contact Name: Deb Dwyer
  • Location: Island Falls 04747
  • Phone: 207-463-2246
  • Email: [email protected]

Project name: Katahdin Community Garden Initiative


Build community gardens such as the one in Patten. Consider empty and/or blighted downtown lots.

  • Lead Organization: Patten Women’s Group
  • Contact Name: MaryAlice Mowry
  • Location: Patten 04765

Project name: Millinocket Memorial Library Renovation


Cultivate Local Jobs

Project name: Nautilus Data Center


  • Lead Organization: Our Katahdin
  • Location: Millinocket 04462
  • Phone: (207) 618-9187
Forest Products

Project name: East Millinocket Mill Site


The town of East Millinocket has purchased the site of the former Great Northern Paper Company mill. The town plans to demolish the steam plant/biomass facility and then lease the site to industrial users.

  • Lead Organization: Town of East Millinocket
  • Location: East Millinocket 04430
  • Phone: 207-746-3551
Future Proof

Project name: Katahdin Collaborative Structural Adaptation


Refine the structure of the Katahdin Collaborative to support the evolution of collaborative action across the region. Including, but not limited to: leadership, staffing, workgroups, and a rapid response funding mechanism.

  • Lead Organization: Katahdin Collaborative
  • Location: Regional 04765
  • Email: [email protected]

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