Forest Products Grow the next wave of forest product manufacturing.

We want to redevelop our industrial sites in the Katahdin region for the production of high-value forest products that the world wants, diversifying in order to spread risk away from singular sectors.

  • Leverage existing manufacturing sites to create new manufacturing opportunities consistent with the highest and best use of the land.
  • Create opportunities for people at various levels to engage in mill site redevelopment.
  • Maintain forests to sustainably support the forest industry, wildlife, and recreation.
  • Market forest product opportunities.

The Katahdin region is the core piece of a large, connected landscape of national and global importance. The Northern Appalachians region, also known in the U.S. as the “Northern Forest,” is one of the most ecologically intact temperate broadleaf forests in the world. Because the Northern Forest is so vast (nearly 12 million acres of forest in Maine alone; a total of 70 million acres across New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and the Eastern Canadian Maritimes) and remains so important to Maine’s natural resource economy, the continued health and sustainability of the contiguous northern forest is dependent on the long-term ownership, which is linked to the health of the forest economy.

Sitting within the heart of Maine’s “wood basket” the Katahdin region has access to millions of tons of wood that can be sustainably harvested each year and the infrastructure to process it into high demand products. The groundwork is being laid to repurpose industrial sites for the production of high-value forest products that the world wants. Furthermore, efforts are underway to help better connect the region to the largest consumer market in the world – the eastern United States seaboard – as well as Europe and the rest of the world through shipping channels.

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