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The Katahdin Gazetteer is a community Visioning process where we are going to “map out” where the region is going and how we are going to get there. This effort will be locally driven and your input and insights will make all the difference.  We really need your participation to make this project a success.

The visioning process has the support of many of our region’s most trusted groups:

Letter of Support

“I am truly excited about the entire Katahdin region working together. We have an amazing place to live and we need to work together to outline a vision for generations to come,” said Jon Ellis, owner of the Ellis Family Market grocery stores located in East Millinocket and Patten.

The 12-month Katahdin Gazetteer process includes personal interviews, community events, surveys, and workshop sessions throughout the Katahdin region. A facilitator will work with a steering committee to translate the input into an action plan for local implementation across the region. The final regional Katahdin Gazetteer plan will be ready for distribution in the winter of 2019.

“The regional visioning process is key to redeveloping a region that was once dependent on a paper manufacturing facility for a majority of its economic resource. When completed, the plan will provide insight on what direction we should pursue in restructuring the Katahdin Region. I am excited it’s happening and I encourage the public to get involved in the community events designed to give everyone an opportunity to have their voice heard,” said Steve Stanley, D-Medway.


Who is leading the project?

Katahdin Gazetteer: a roadmap to the future is being coordinated by the Katahdin Collaborative, a network of economic and community-development oriented organizations and businesses operating in the region.
A local project coordinator, Jasmine Folster, has been hired through the Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce and 6-8 community ambassadors will be selected and awarded modest stipends to help with outreach and gathering community input. Project oversight is provided by a steering committee that reports to the Katahdin Collaborative.

The steering committee consists of:

Katahdin Gazetteer Steering Committee
Name   Email Phone
Jon Ellis
Mt Chase, owner of Ellis Family Markets
Richard Schmidt III
Resident, Town of Patten
Peggy Daigle
East Millinocket Town Selectman
Deb Rountree
Katahdin Region Higher Education Center
Lucy Van Hook
Millinocket, Our Katahdin
Bill Patterson/Tamara Lee Pinard
The Nature Conservancy of Maine
Wende Sairio
Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce
Jasmine Folster
Project Coordinator
Who is paying for the Katahdin Gazetteer project?

The process is funded by grants from the Elmina B. Sewall Foundation and Jane’s Trust. As a participant in the Katahdin Collaborative, The Nature Conservancy acts as the fiscal agent for the grants.

What is the region that the Katahdin Gazetteer project will be covering?

The Katahdin Region is comprised of seven towns and unorganized territories, including Mt. Chase, Patten, Sherman, Stacyville, Medway, East Millinocket, and Millinocket.

What are the outcomes of the project? What will the vision include?

The project will include working with the community to develop a plan for the future of the region by examining emerging trends and regional issues, identifying core assets and values, engaging the community, developing a unifying vision statement, and establishing an action plan that translates the regional vision into local, actionable items.

The vision will be developed through community engagement to examine a range of plausible futures and determining the preferred future, and then additional community input will determine how to accomplish this future for the Katahdin Region, which will become the action plan.

How do I get involved in the project?

You can let the Katahdin Collaborative know that you are interested in participating by emailing Jasmine Folster, or by calling 207-794-4269.




Is this project about a vision for the Monument?

No, this is about a community led vision for the Katahdin Region communities and economy. The Monument would only be considered as one of many natural assets for the Region.

Is this project about school consolidation?

No, this is a community led vision with no pre-determined outcomes.





December 2016 – The Katahdin Collaborative organized a dinner and strategy session on grant writing strategy for the Katahdin region.


Making Headway in Your Community is a program administered by GrowSmart Maine with a local partnership in the Katahdin Region from Our Katahdin. Making Headway empowers communities to identify what they value most and provides tools to protect and build on those assets.

Three towns in the Katahdin Region  embarked on Making Headway together in 2017: Medway, East Millinocket, & Millinocket. More than 50 people joined co-sponsors Our Katahdin and Katahdin Revitalization for two public events to build connections, inspire project ideas, gather information, and have a good time. At these gatherings residents highlighted the values they share which include preserving the heritage and culture of the area, supporting and investing in local youth, strengthening ties between generations, and a recognition of the bounty and beauty of surrounding natural resources.

At the Community Conversation in March, six diverse projects were presented an all are complete or in progress.

  • Katahdin Storybooth by Millinocket Memorial Library
  • Penobscot River Fest, A end of summer celebration in Medway
  • Youth Entrepreneurs, a program for young students to promote entrepreneurial opportunities in the region, By Team Katahdin, the group that went to a conference in West Virginia together</div
    Jada’s Backpack Project, By Jada Kimball, a local sophomore to provide backpacks with school supplies to students in need
  • Katahdin Regional Map, By Katahdin Chamber of Commerce, a directional map of the region
  • Katahdin Area Arts Festival, By local resident Jim Phelps, delayed until summer 2018


Leadership Tour Reception

On October 21, 2016, the Katahdin Collaborative hosted a group from the Leadership Maine Program.

Leadership Maine was established in 1993 with the purpose of supporting a diverse group of leaders in taking actions to affect change in Maine. Unlike community-based leadership programs, Leadership Maine is statewide in scope and focuses on issues rather than skill development.

Leadership Maine offers participants a unique experiential learning opportunity, designed to build a broader pool of talented leaders in Maine. Over the course of the program, 35-45 leaders learn about their own personal strengths and opportunities for growth and examine the leadership styles of government, non-profit, corporate, and educational leaders in Maine.

The group toured Maine Heritage Timbers and then had a round-table discussion and Q&A session with representatives of the various groups in the Katahdin Collaborative at Designlab.

Representatives of Katahdin Revitalization, Katahdin Tourism Project, Katahdin Citizens Group, Katahdin Chamber of Commerce, Millinocket Memorial Library, Friends of Baxter State Park, Katahdin Area Trails, Our Katahdin, and The Nature Conservancy all gave short presentations.  There were over 80 people in attendance.


Full report: Katahdin-Indicators-Region

In 2015, Dr. Linda Silka, a senior fellow at the University of Maine’s George Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions, visited the region at the request of Katahdin Revitalization.  Dr. Silka has several decades of experience in leading community-university research partnerships on environmental, economic development, and environmental health issues, and is a  member of SSI’s Knowledge-to-Action (K↔A) Collaborative, a group that is studying how to better align university research with community needs.
She proposed several ways in which the George Mitchell Center could collaborate on a research project with the region, and Katahdin Revitalization chose to move forward with an Economic Snapshot to provide a base-level understanding of where we are today and a reference point from which we can measure progress.  Once the project was defined, the Katahdin Collaborative worked extensively with Dr. Linda Silka, Dr. David Hart, and Dr. Adam Daigneault to determine the scope of the research and end project that would be more useful to the community.

OVERVIEW OF THE STUDY: The Katahdin Region, defined to include Millinocket, East Millinocket, Medway, Stacyville, Sherman, Patten and Mount Chase-has experienced significant socioeconomic change over the past few years and citizens are actively exploring opportunities to make the region a more resilient and robust place to live, work, and play. Collating and comparing socioeconomic indicators is a well-regarded approach to both developing a ‘snapshot’ of the current state of a community, but also assessing whether an area is making positive strides in terms of social and economic development. The Economic Snapshot presents several socioeconomic indicators for the region and compares many of them over time as well as to the greater Katahdin Region, Penobscot Country, State of Maine and United States. The indicators can help provide insight on where the area may be succeeding as well as opportunities for improvement.The full report can be found here. For more information on the methods and sources for this research, please contact Lucy Van Hook, Community Development Manager, Our Katahdin


  • Katahdin Gazetteer
  • Millinocket Marathon
  • Katahdin Collaborative Project Coordinator managed through Our Katahdin
  • Trail Counters in partnership with Northern Timber Cruisers
  • Making Headway program
  • Katahdin Revitalization Speaker Series
  • The hiring of local staff capacity and economic development through Our Katahdin and Eastern Maine Development Corporation.